A few favorites…

As part of my homework from the Joy the Baker podcast, I have dutifully posted 5 of my favorite things to share with you. Actually, it’s way more then 5… but hey, I’ve got a lot of favorite things!

Maybe we have the same favorite things, or maybe you’ll find a new favorite for yourself….








Rose lip balm! It keeps lips hydrated for a loooong time, won’t leave you feeling sticky. Love the soft scent, and I can use it on my cuticles or other dry skin areas too! It’s an essential. I have like 5 tins of this stuff, one in the car, one at work, one on my desk at home…. literally.






Thai Phra Ram sauce from Tarn Tip in Corvallis. You can buy it by the tub! Large is 10 bucks, small is 5, but it’s worth it to get the large. Stir fry chicken and veggies, and make up some rice, and put this sauce on it. SO good. So good I bring some to my family in Washington everytime I visit them. So good I crave this stuff. So good I have to hide it in the back of the fridge or I will eat the whole tub. So good I might just put it on ice cream some day soon….crazy, right?






Okay, so I don’t actually own one yet… but this is up there as my favorite thing. I used it will I was visiting my mom, and it is pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve ever used on my face. I felt like I was freshly back from a facial every morning. I’m buying one soon.






Lost Type: a website that has beautiful free fonts for personal use. They do accept donations if you are using it for a business or money making venture. If you are designing your friends baby shower invite, download away….














Organic Nation Gin. Simply lovely with an olive in a glass in my hand.  With my feet up.


Okay here’s one more, since maybe the clarisonic didn’t actually count…


This place is amazing. No, nothing is past date. No, nothing from there has ever made me sick. AND they have an organics aisle! Amazing wine prices, delicious and obscure cheeses, and my favorite white cheddar popcorn, always on sale. How do they do that?? I frequently find fabulous beauty buys there also.



This is called a Demy. (Like Demi Moore with a y instead). It is a recipe reader. This is cool because I can upload recipes to my web profile on Keyingredient.com, organize them, and then sync them to this little guy and read my recipes off them. This is a great alternative to having a laptop or ipad in the kitchen with you. The other cool thing about this is the website and how it works. It’s a little like pinterest! You can install a “load it to my key ingredient” button on your internet browser, and then when you find a recipe you want, just click the button and it imports for you! No typing or cutting and pasting. You can add photos of the dish also, and choose whether you want your recipes public or private. It’s been a HUGE timesaver!

Well, I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite things. I could go on and on… but I’d better stop there for now. Maybe I’ll share 5 more next week.

Sharing stuff is good.


5 responses to “A few favorites…

  1. I want more!

  2. That recipe display is out of control – I have got to find me one those so I stop encrusted my computer with a fine layer of all purpose flour.

    • Yes! It rocks for that because there is no little creaveses for flour to get in it and ruin it! I have touched it with really nasty raw meat hands, bread dough hands, and wet hands, and so far, everything has come off with the swipe of a paper towel (and some antibacterial spray).

  3. many thanks for checking out my blog!!


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