The Foodie


Hello. My name is Darlene Veenhuizen. A foodie through and through, the day job feeds the night job…cooking! I regularly put my household and two cats through all kinds of kitchen blunders, adventures and successes! I live in Corvallis, OR, but often travel to Portland.  Local ingredients, global palette, and a love for all things FOOD!

A few of my “things”:

1. Making things from scratch whenever possible (my friends refer to my method as “Darlene-ing it”, a verb, meaning to do whatever it takes to create the most delicious final product with ingredients that are homemade in your kitchen. Homemade pie crust, with a homemade peach filling and homemade ice cream? A Darlene standard. Store bought frozen pie crust and canned filling? Wouldn’t be caught dead with it.

2. I like to know what is in my food. (See #1) So I don’t take too kindly to preservatives and other crap I can’t pronounce.

3. Creativity. I love to come up with new flavor combinations and different ways to do things. See my recipes section for details!

4. I love to be smart about things. This means I’m always on the lookout for a better price on a quality ingredient, a smarter way to do something, and tips that can save you time and money in the kitchen… and the freezer is your friend… oh yes… a good friend.

5. Flavor! After all, if there’s no flavor, you might as well eat cardboard.

6. And of course, I am absolutely positively OBSESSED about food. I hope you share my passion.


6 responses to “The Foodie

  1. Hey lil’ heifer! This is a really cute pic of you! I know I can always count on you for food help…unless it’s help with toasting bread or making peanut butter bars! LOL 😉

  2. Muther of a COOK

    A darn boot-i-full foodie at that!!!

  3. I know this picture… 🙂 Your site is very entertaining, as are you.

  4. What a great column. Is there a subscribe button so I can be sure and get these?

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