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6 responses to “Recipes

  1. Can’t wait to see what you post! Some quick and easy options would be great . . . not lots of time you know! Busy, Busy, Busy! We’ll be watching for your updates . . . Great Job Sweetie!

  2. Muther of a COOK

    hey foodie! how to post a recipe? keep it simple!

  3. Hey there FOODIE!!!
    I just made the most awesome CHEESE CAKE, and thanks to YOU, my foodie Genie, it has NO CRACKS in the center, or anywhere!
    I simpley placed a large pyrex casserole dish, filled 3/4 full of hot water just one notch below the cheese cake during the entire baking time. What a simple remedy for an issue that has been plaging me for years! Mark said I would never be able to achieve this task. He said even the most famous French pastry chefs featured on the best cookign shows cannot solve this problem. Congrats Sweeetie, you taught your ole Muther somethin’! I am looking forward to learnin’ some more real soon… LUV you! Smack!

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